Timeline of Study

Bond University is educational intensive. Most students can finish their degrees in as little as a year if they choose to take a full course load and therefore I will be studying 4 semesters and done December 2011. Normally one would have the April-August break off but I will be studying during that time. Orientation is the week before classes start and consist of getting situated, registering for classes and pre-semester activities to meet other students as well as sign on for clubs and various organisations on campus. Last day of classes for the semester is first date of finals. Technically my dates will vary depending on when my last exam is.

September - December 2010
Orientation week 9/6-9/10
Classes start 9/13
Finals week 12/10-12/18 SEMESTER DONE!

January - April 2011
Orientation week 1/10-1/14
Classes start 1/17
Finals week 4/14-4/26 SEMESTER DONE!

May - August 2011
Orientation week 5/9-5/13
Classes start 5/16
Finals week 8/12-8/20 SEMESTER DONE!

September - December 2011
Orientation week 9/5-9/9
Classes start 9/12
Finals week 12/9-12/17 SEMESTER DONE!

1/20 - Thesis handed in
2/1 - Thesis passed
2/11 - GRADUATION!!!