Friday, November 19, 2010



Sad to say, I recently sold my iPhone. So the video blogs will be on hold for a bit until I can fancy myself another iPhone or an actual digital camera that can take video.

Nothing new lately. As the semester winds down, you'll see more blogs as I travel around Australia for the holidays. My lease at Varsity Towers ends December 18th, so it is fast approaching. I've put in my application for Varsity Shores, as I want to still be relatively close to campus (just on the other side of campus to be exact). However, if I'm good to go for there, I can't move in until January 8th! Therefore from the 18th of Dec to the 8th of January I'll be officially homeless :-D.

I've been looking at different options to see which would be the best option to go with:

Option 1: Stay in a hostel on the Gold Coast for those few weeks until the place becomes available and then move in.

Option 2: Travel around Australia/Tasmania for those few weeks since I will be homeless anyway. Con for this is I have to lug around all my luggage while traveling.

Option 3: Butter up one of my Aussie mates to hold my luggage so I can travel light.

Option 4: Find short term housing until my lease at the new place starts.

Right now I am looking at Option 3 at the moment, as I have three weeks gap before classes start on Jan 17th. Store most of my luggage and then just have a backpack with all the basic necessities in it. For those of you who know me, you know I pack light anyway. So not a problem.

Still got a couple of weeks to decide, but looking to get it taken care of now so that I don't have to worry last minute. Christmas will either be spent in Sydney or Alice Spring (middle of Australia), so it will be fun!

Also, my facial hair is coming in nicely. I opted to just go with no shaving at all and adhere to my WSU roots instead of just rocking the moustache for Movember. But it's interesting to see all the women who talk to you NOW that you have facial hair compared to when you are clean shaven. Good to see the different tastes in women. No worries though, I'm still single. Plenty of American lovin' to go around ladies!

Cheers! ( 再见!)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

[Vlog] Food for the weak

Hey all! Just a quick update as I ransacked my kitchen the other day as I was starving! Enjoy!



Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In 2007, I became aware of a growing trend on campus that all the men were participating in called "No Shave November". The premise behind it was, well, to not shave at all for the whole month of November. Unfortunately for me, I could not participate because working at Pizza Hut required strict grooming standards. However, come November 2008, I was fully ready to participate and take on the world. I don't grow much hair on my body, but after 30 days of not touching the razor, it became evident that most of that hair grows on my face. Not to mention the feel of a smooth face with some Nivea for men aftershave on December 1st is AMAZING.

Returning home for winter break and Christmas to the family was strange to them as they had no idea what their son was doing. Let alone, the Christmas pictures of their hideously looking child! Come 2009, I participated yet again, this time holding a full time job at AT&T and part time at the night club I worked at. The night club wasn't so bad, but I have a feeling my sales were drastically lower than usual because of that rugged look at AT&T. My boss just rolled his eyes as I let it grow out and asked when I was going to shave, and I promptly told him "Not til December 1st".

It wasn't until last year that I found out the purpose behind "No shave November". The idea of not shaving for the whole month originally was created by a group of Aussies down in Adelaide. The idea was to show support and raise awareness for men's health issues, more specifically prostate cancer and depression. Much like you see someone with a LIVESTRONG bracelet and you immediately now it's for testicular cancer within men, the symbol of not shaving is a way of showing support to those going through health issues.

However, the only difference is down here they call it "Movember". Moustache and November (obviously). So instead of growing your hair out, you just grow out a moustache. It seems a bit bizarre to me, but I am assuming many Aussie men can't grow full beards but only moustaches? Who knows... but now I have to shave everything BUT my moustache until the 1st. Which partially sucks, because after a few days, I look absolutely disgusting with just a moustache. So this year, as always, I'm helping raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression among men! See you on December 1st!