Sunday, October 31, 2010

101 ways to scare an Australian

Hey everyone! G'day!

Been awhile since I posted a blog or even a vlog for that matter. But then again, not much has been going on with me. Just going to class, looking for a job and trying my best to get my American pride represented over here! If anyone hears of a job opening let me know!

Halfway through the semester into week 8 right now and time is flying BY QUICK. Just 4 more weeks, done with semester 1 and ready to roll out the 2011 in Australia! I think some mates of mine are thinking of heading down to Sydney to ring in the New Year at the Harbour. So might tag along and do that with them. It'll be pretty amazing.

All is well, but most importantly had a great Friday! Got my second care package in the mail, first being from the lovely dad. Every year, Playboy does a "Girls of the Pac-10" issue. Pac-10 being the conference of universities on the west coast and WSU (my alma mater) being one of those schools. So there you go, a little American lesson for those Aussies reading this. Anyways, one of the bartenders that I used to work with at stubblefields was featured in the issue, so by all means I had to get my hands on a signed copy! Needless to say, my good friend Tricia was able to send me a copy as well as some other goodies (mostly Halloween and Thanksgiving themed since Australians aren't too keen to celebrating and American holiday!).

One of the goodies Tricia sent me was a can of pumpkin. Not any typical American knows what a can of pumpkin is used for, but to Australia, not so much... Therefore, Australian customs had a go at my package to find out what this "can pumpkin" was!

Enjoy! Miss you all!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vegemite part 2

So I took a lot of flack for my last Vegemite posting. The reason why I "hate it so much" is because I spread it too thick, did not use butter and drank water afterward instead of "complimenting" it with milk. Yea I know, like it matters. BUT IT DOES! So therefore, I took it upon myself to re-do it with the necessary ingredients.

It wasn't as bad as before as the butter def. helps with the taste of it. And of course not spreading it on as thick. Will I be enjoying vegemite toast with my breakfast every morning? CERTAINLY NOT.



Friday, October 1, 2010


For those of you who are either adventurous or Oceanic born and raised, know of the wonderful spread known as Vegemite. It's a heavenly goodness consisting of yeast extract, and some other ingredients no one has ever heard of. It's actually really healthy for you because it is LOADED with vitamins and minerals. The taste itself, is ABSOLUTELY horrendous.

I first tried this amazing stuff in 2007 when I first came to Australia. I had never heard of vegemite before then. As a nice gesture, I brought plenty home for friends and family so that they could try it out. Since I've been back here, Kraft, the makers of vegemite, created a counterpart called Cheesybite. It pretty much consists of vegemite with cheese in it. I'm told from my Aussie mates, it was to attempt to secure the American market for it. Unfortunately for Kraft, this stuff will NEVER stick in America. But then again, Australians hate Peanut and Jelly sandwiches... Enjoy!